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Jason and Alicia

Alicia was creative and exciting to work with. She was open to our ideas as well. She listened carefully to what we wanted the wedding to look like and delivered. She kept it under budget and we had lots of fun. We would recommend her to any couple who has a low budget to work with. Even those who have a big budget and just want to save money.

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Eric and James

When Christina came to me after I made some inquiries about planning a same sex wedding I was was skeptical after seeing her low prices. After working with her, however, my husband and I could not be more pleased. She did everything she said she would do and then some, including taking phone calls from me just to hear me vent. If it were possibly I would give her an extra star for her "value for cost" because she really was worth every penny and then some. Since our union we have made sure to stay in touch with her, her creative ideas are not only good for big events, but in the everyday things too such as dates and gifts. 

Would You recommend A Night To Remember  Yes

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